Restorative Exercise

Did you know that many diseases, and what we consider to be a normal part of aging, may actually have a mechanical cause?  That means that the way you habitually move and use your body could be contributing to your osteoporosis, your painful joints, your pelvic floor disorder, or even your cardiovascular disease.  The good news is that by changing the way you move, you can stop the progression of many diseases and start the process of healing.

Restorative Exercise™ (RE) is a health promoting movement program designed to teach you how to move your body the way it was intended to be moved, in a biologically optimal way. It is a personalized exercise program that will help you restore your muscles to their appropriate length, improve your circulation, minimize wear and tear on your joints, and repair damage to your entire body.  The stretches and exercises were developed by biomechanist Katy Bowman, MS by taking principles from biology, geometry, physics and engineering and applying them to the human body. Each exercise was designed to support the natural function of the body, and to help you develop the strength and flexibility, both of which are vital to your health.

By learning how to incorporate natural human movement into your daily life, you can start decreasing your pain and increasing your health today.  Restorative Exercise™ can help you:

  • Move without pain
  • Reduce wear and tear on joints
  • Lower risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Recover from injury or surgery
  • Repair pelvic floor (leaky bladder)
  • Develop stronger bones
  • Achieve a healthy body weight
  • Improve immune system
  • Begin an exercise program
  • Transition to standing work station (or standing more at work)
  • Transition OUT of orthoticsCall me for a free phone consultation to see what Restorative Exercise can do for you. 819.210.0180

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