Pre and Postnatal


preggoMy back hurts, my feet are on fire, my ankles are swollen, my hips are aching, I’m getting so heavy that it’s hard to move around… there are lots of common complaints during pregnancy that we consider to be just part of the deal.  Many of these pregnancy pains, however, are a result of our movement habits; how we stand, how we walk, our activity level, etc. have an impact on how comfortable or uncomfortable we feel during pregnancy.  It can also impact the kind of labour and delivery we have, from natural birth to emergency c-section.

The increase in size around your midsection is pretty well guaranteed, but I can help you avoid a long list of pregnancy aches and pains, from sore hips to incontinence, foot pain to shortness of breath.  I can also help you align your pelvis and maximize your birthing space for the best birth experience possible, no matter what kind of birth you’re planning (or attempting to plan!)  Why not sign up for a Pain Free Pregnancy class, or call me or email me to set up a personal appointment for some one on one time, or to address specific concerns.


postnatal beachCaring for an infant and trying to recover your own body from pregnancy and child birth at the same time is a difficult task!  The Restorative Exercise™ program is something that you can start right away after birth, as soon as you feel up to it.  Not only will it help you get in touch with your new post-birth body (and shed some of those post-birth pounds, if you want) it can also help you avoid and relieve back pain, sore shoulders, and painful hips, and start getting your core in working order again.  You can also get your pelvic floor functioning properly again (no more leaky pee!) and repair any damage caused by the birth of your child.  Urinary incontinence is often easily remedied by changing how you move and doing a few key exercises (no, I don’t mean kegels!)


Check out my events page for a schedule of upcoming classes, call me or email me to set up a personal appointment for some one on one time, or to address specific concerns.


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