Pain Free Pregnancy (7 Week Series)

Have a Pain Free Pregnancy (or prepare for pregnancy)!  With a blend of prenatal Restorative Exercise, and small lifestyle changes (how you stand, how you sit, choice in footwear etc.) you can avoid common prenatal aches and pains and prepare your body for birth (vaginal or otherwise).

Next Class Starts May 11!!!

Myself and Susanne from Kangaroo Fitness are teaming up to bring you a comprehensive guide to exercise and alignment during pregnancy.  Most of the ailments we experience during pregnancy (pelvic floor problems, foot, hip, and back pain) are actually because of our posture, areas of muscle tension, and areas of muscle weakness.  This prenatal exercise class will help you correct all that, getting rid of your pain and simultaneously preparing your body for delivery and beyond.

During the workshops we deliver alignment information, thoughts, impulses, explore movements and practice exercises you can incorporate into your day.

The exercise classes are comparable to a yoga class with a flow of muscle stretching, strengthening and releasing exercises.

This class is suitable for women in first, second or third trimester or if you are trying to get pregnant.  HOWEVER, you will most benefit from the class if you are very early in your pregnancy or if you are not even pregnant yet because you have more time to adapt to new movement and postural habits without the extra load of the growing baby.  That way you are more likely to actually prevent having those common aches and pains and your body has more time to align itself for a natural birth.

If you already have back, pelvic, foot, neck, …. pain, this class is going to help you a lot.

If your core feels weak, this is for you. If you can’t laugh without risking a leakage, this is for you, too. It is for any woman who wants to prepare her body for a natural birth. Especially if you want to attempt a VBAC, this is for you!

If you know you are going to have a C-section and you want to get your body into the best possible shape to recover quickly, this is also for you.

Fee also includes the half dome for calf stretches and handouts.

TIME: 7pm – 8pm

WHERE: Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre, 2260 Walkley Road, Ottawa


May 11: Workshop – Pelvis Aligned
May 18: Exercise Class: Feet, Hips, Legs and Butt
May 25: Workshop – Upper Body/Spine Alignment & Exercises
June 1: Exercise Class – Creating Breathing Space
June 8: Workshop – Diastasis Recti, Abdominal Weakness & Core Exercises
June 15: Workshop – Increasing Birth Space
June 22: Exercise Class – Squat Prep and The Squat

FEE: $149 (includes handouts and half dome)

Next class starts: Thursday, May 11 at the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Center.  To register, click HERE!!


‘The six-week program was exactly what I needed to keep my pregnancy pain-free. I expected to encounter the same back and leg pain that became a familiar friend in my first pregnancy, but the exercises and tips I learned in the class transformed the second half of my pregnancy.  This class offers help for keeping you as comfortable as possible during pregnancy, getting your baby into a good position, preparation for labor and lessons on alignment that can be used for the rest of your life- every pregnant woman should take this class!’

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