Pain Free Pregnancy: 6 Week Prenatal Alignment Class (Next class starting March 3rd) 

Healthy Spine Workshop (Sunday, Feb. 7th, 10am – noon)

 Spontaneous Drop-In Class – (Wednesday, 7 – 8pm, Please email me to join)

I’m in too much pain to exercise. –  That’s why I teach RESTORATIVE Exercise :)  It actually reduces pain and restores health and function to the body.  From neck pain to foot pain, joint stiffness/soreness to kinked muscles, this program is really helpful.  See what one of my clients has to say:

“In 2009, I damaged my sacro-iliac joint while pregnant with my 4th baby. I was 40 and accepted that I would likely not recover fully from what seemed to be a permanent joint injury. After only a few private sessions with Jillian in 2012, my joint pain disappeared entirely. There was a nagging pain in my same side foot and knee that also vanished. “

I’m too busy to exercise. – That’s why the head-to-toe workshop is just one hour a week for 4 weeks.  Not a months-long commitment.  And the stuff you learn in the workshops is designed to help you get active without committing to any kind of schedule !

I’m not fit, I’ve never exercised before, I’m old, I’m overweight. – That’s fine!  The classes are open to people of all ages, all abilities, and all lifestyles.  Even if you can’t remember the last time you took a walk, we’ll make it work for you.  The exercises in class are challenging, but everyone starts at their own level, respects their own limits, and works at their own pace.

I hate exercising and working out.  I’m not gonna lie, there are “exercises” in my class.  BUT, there are also lots of postural adjustments, and lifestyle changes you can make to make it easier for you to stay active just doing what you already do.  The exercises that I do give you can be done randomly throughout the day (in fact, that’s how I recommend you do them), even at work, not just for an hour in your basement every second night.

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