Journey to alignment:

I’m Jillian.  After I had a baby, my body went from feeling like a healthy 20 something to a rickety rundown 100 year old Tinman (which had never been oiled).  It was surprising to feel so unhealthy, because I’ve been a fit person for as long as I can remember, walking and exercising have always been some of my favorite pastimes. I had even remained fairly active through my entire pregnancy, despite the crippling tailbone and hip pain, and aching marshmallow feet.

After the delivery of my daughter, it was 10 days before I could stand again, 5 weeks before I could sit normally, and MONTHS before I was able to move more like the 27 year old I was.  It became clear to me that although I had been extremely fit, my body wasn’t working the way it was supposed to.  My back hurt all the time, I had frequent pelvic pain, and what seemed like the beginning of arthritis in one knee and one hand.  I no longer felt comfortable in my own skin, and thought that age and childbirth were to blame.

Then I found the Restorative Exercise™ program, and felt like I had unearthed some kind of treasure.  Here was a way for me to get my own health back and an opportunity to spend my time helping other people increase their well being, too.

Now, as a certified Restorative Exercise™ specialist and certified Healthy Foot practitioner, I am dedicated to helping others learn about the impact of movement patterns on their health, to move better, and to overcome whatever’s been standing in their way of having a healthy, pain-free body.

I also spend time pursuing my first love, drawing, and sometimes I even get published! (You can find these awesome reads HERE)

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